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What most Muslims know about the Kabah 
is either WRONG or just the TIP of the iceberg!
The most recognizable symbol of Islam is without a doubt the Kabah. But how much of its rich past is actually known and appreciated? 

The goal of this ebook is to establish a deep, authentic connection with the holiest place on Earth.

In this book you will learn new gems about:
  • 11 Ways the Kabah is Honoured
  • 5 Unique Names of the Kabah
  • The Original Blueprint of the Kabah
  • History of it's reconstructions
  • Transformation of the Black Stone
  • The Footprint of Ibrahim (AS)
Cherish the Moment You Finally Visit
Make Every Step Count, No Mistakes
Pray Inside the Kabah
Learn how the Kabah looked drastically different at the time of Ibrahim and how you can pray INSIDE the Kabah.
Find the Other Stone from Jannah
Most aren’t aware there was a second stone that descended from Jannah while Ibrahim was building the Kabah. Find out where it is and how to honour it. 
Kiss the Real Black Stone
Discover the dark past of the Black Stone and what we see today is not 100% real.
Cherish Each Sip of Zamzam
Uncover the source of Zamzam, its contents and miraculous nature. Learn how the Sahaba used Zamzam to gain weight!
Greeting Maqam Ibrahim
If one should kiss the Black Stone and greet the Yemeni Corner, what should we do at Maqam Ibrahim (the footsteps of Ibrahim)?
Greeting the Yemeni Corner
What makes this corner so special that we should greet it at each circuit of Tawaf? 
Praying Inside the Hateem
Not all of the Hateem is original foundation. Find out how far out from the Kabah wall should you try to pray. 
When to Stop Drinking Zamzam
The Prophet (ﷺ) warned us that not drinking Zamzam to our fill is a sign of hypocrisy. What does that mean and how much should we drink?
Begin your unforgettable journey with the Kabah
Download The Kabah Unknown Today
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